A sample Wyoming driver's license. (WYDOT)

CASPER, Wyo. — Primary Election Day in Natrona County is Tuesday, Aug. 16. Polls will open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Do you know where to go to vote? Did you know voter identification is required in Wyoming?

Where do I vote in Natrona County?

Voters can find where their voting location is using an online polling place locator offered by Natrona County. People can search their address to find their voting location. Doing so also provides sample ballots so voters know what to expect on Primary Election Day.

Sample ballots for specific polling locations are provided for voters registered as Republican, Democrat or nonpartisan.

People can cast absentee ballots in person until Aug. 16 during normal business hours at the Natrona County Clerk’s Office, 200 N. Center St. in Casper. While absentee ballots can be accepted at the Natrona County Clerk’s Office on Primary Election Day, they cannot be accepted at polling places on Aug. 16.

What forms of identification can I use to cast a vote in Wyoming?

Wyoming started requiring voters to show identification to vote on July 1, 2021. There are a number of acceptable forms of voter ID people can show at the polls on Tuesday, according to the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office.

Acceptable forms of voter ID include:

  • Wyoming driver’s license
  • Wyoming ID Card
  • Tribal ID Card
  • Valid U.S. Passport
  • U.S. Military Card
  • Driver’s license or ID Card from another state
  • University of Wyoming student ID
  • Wyoming community college student ID
  • Wyoming public school student ID
  • Valid Medicare insurance card
  • Valid Medicaid insurance card

“If you do not have one of the documents in the list above, you may obtain a free Wyoming Identification Card from your local Driver Services office,” the Secretary of State’s Office notes. “Click here to find your nearest office.

Voter ID is not required for people who mail in absentee ballots under Wyoming law, the Secretary of State’s Office notes.

Can I take time off of work to vote?

Wyoming law includes provisions to allow working people to vote. Wyoming Statute 22-2-111 entitles people to take an hour off of work, not counting meal times, between the opening and closing of polls in order to go vote.

The hour off of work to go vote is to be taken “at the convenience of the employer, between the time of opening and closing of the polls,” Statute 22-2-111 states. “Such elector shall not, because of so absenting himself, lose any pay, providing he actually casts his legal vote.”

The provision does not apply to people who have three or more “consecutive nonworking hours during the time the polls are open.”

Who will appear on my ballot?

People can find sample ballots by using Natrona County’s online polling place locator. Sample ballots for specific polling locations are provided for voters registered as Republican, Democrat or nonpartisan.

Oil City News has been publishing candidate questionnaires and other election-related stories. Those can be found under the Oil City News Elections tab.

The League of Women Voters offers another source of voting and candidate information for voters in Natrona County at vote411.org.

Where else can I find voting information?