House District 35 candidate Tony Locke at a Politics in the Park event this summer. (Gregory Hirst, Oil City)

CASPER. Wyo. — With a lack of Democratic or third-party candidates filing to run for office in Natrona County, 10 out of 11 races for seats representing Natrona in the Wyoming Legislature are uncontested in the General Election.

The only contested race is for House District 57, where Jeanette Ward (R) is up against Robert Johnson (D).

All other races were essentially decided during the Republican Primary or even before. In Senate District 27, Sen. Bill Landen (R) faced no challenger in the primary and is not facing an opponent during the General Election in his bid for reelection. The same is true for Rep. Jerry Obermueller (R), who faced no challengers in his bid for reelection to continue representing House District 56, and for Rep. Tom Walters (R), who has run uncontested for reelection to the House District 38 seat.

Other uncontested races for seats representing Natrona in the General Election include:

  • Senate District 29
    • Bob Ide (R) is running uncontested.
    • During the Republican Primary, Ide defeated incumbent Sen. Drew Perkins, who was first elected in 2006.
  • House District 62
    • Forrest Chadwick (R) is running uncontested.
    • Chadwick defeated Stan Mitchum during the Republican Primary.
    • The House District 62 seat is a new seat in the Wyoming Legislature, created in the redistricting process that was completed in spring 2022.
  • House District 58:
    • Bill Allemand (R) is running uncontested.
    • Allemand defeated incumbent Rep. Pat Sweeney during the Republican Primary. Sweeney first won election to the Wyoming Legislature in 2016.
  • House District 59: 
    • Rep. Kevin C. O’Hearn (R) is running uncontested.
    • In his bid for reelection to a second term in the legislature, O’Hearn defeated challenger John Gudger in the Republican Primary.
  • House District 37: 
    • Rep. Steve Harshman (R) is running uncontested.
    • Harshman, who was first elected to the legislature in 2002, defeated challenger Steve Bray in the Republican Primary.
  • House District 36: 
    • Rep. Art Washut (R) is running uncontested.
    • Washut, who was first elected to the legislature in 2018, defeated challenger Debra Cheatham during the Republican Primary.
  • House District 35: 
    • Tony Locke (R) is running uncontested.
    • Locke defeated incumbent Rep. Joe MacGuire during the Republican Primary. MacGuire was first appointed to the legislature in 2017 after the resignation of Rep. Kendell Kroeker.

How to vote in Natrona County

General Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8. People in Natrona County wanting to cast a ballot on Nov. 8 can find their polling location by entering their address on Natrona County’s polling locater. Eligible voters can go to their polling location between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Tuesday to cast a ballot.

People eligible to vote can register on Election Day if they aren’t already registered. Identification is required to register to vote. Registered voters are also required to show ID when casting a ballot. Information on accepted forms of ID is available from the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office.

Voters who have not yet returned absentee ballots can return those to the Natrona County Elections Office at 200 N. Center St., Room 154 until 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 8. Absentee ballots cannot be accepted at polling locations.