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Special district election results in Natrona County

People at the Casper Mountain Fire Protection District's Board of Directors meeting on Monday, July 11. (Brendan LaChance, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — A number of seats for special district boards of directors were up for election this year in Natrona County.

Steven Garrett and Dean Jackett won director seats on the Natrona County Fire District. Stewart “Stew” Anderson and Kaycee Klein won two four-year director seats on the Casper Mountain Fire District, while Julie Bradley secured an unexpired two-year term.

Andrew C Anderson and Tammy L Cobb won unopposed seats for directors of the Natrona County Conservation District.

Results won’t be official until certified by local and state officials. Unofficial results for special district elections are as follows, according to the Natrona County Clerk’s Office:

Natrona County Fire Protection District Directors (four-year terms, two available):

  • Steven Garrett (43.17%)
  • Dean A Jackett (29.80%)
  • Tony Kiser (26.58%)
  • 4,376 votes cast

Casper Mountain Fire District Directors (four-year terms, two available)

  • Stewart “Stew” Anderson (59.88%)
  • Kaycee Klein (24.13%)
  • Joshua Bray (14.53%)
  • 344 votes cast

Casper Mountain Fire District Directors (two-year unexpired terms, two available):

  • Julie Bradley (51.14%)
  • Mickale Bell (24.43%)
  • Anthony A M Gracia (18.18%)
  • Ashlyn Gracia (3.41%)
  • Ginelle Gracia (1.7%)
  • 176 votes cast

Natrona County Conservation District (four-year terms, two available):

  • Tammy L Cobb (50.26%)
  • Andrew C Anderson (49.28%)
  • 24,053 votes cast