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Wyoming average diesel price at record $5.027/gallon, ~13 cents higher than in Colorado

Gas station in Cheyenne. (Shutterstock)

CASPER, Wyo. — The average diesel price in Wyoming hit a new record high of $5.027 per gallon on Friday, April 1, according to American Automobile Association (AAA) data. The average price of regular unleaded gasoline stands at $4.121 per gallon on Friday, just shy of the record high of $4.123 per gallon set on Tuesday.

Wyoming saw slight increases (less than a penny) in its average regular unleaded and diesel prices Friday compared with Thursday while national averages saw small declines.

Wyoming’s average prices are higher than in most of its bordering states with the exceptions of Utah and Idaho, according to AAA. Gas and diesel average prices are about 13 cents cheaper in Colorado than in Wyoming. Of all the states bordering Wyoming, Nebraska has the lowest average regular unleaded ($3.862/gallon) and diesel ($4.796/gallon) prices.

Average prices are lower in Denver than they are in Casper and Cheyenne, according to AAA data. Here is a look at average gas and diesel prices tracked by AAA from some of the metropolitan areas in the region as of Friday:

  • Casper, Wyoming
    • Regular unleaded: $3.977/gallon
    • Diesel: $4.944/gallon
  • Cheyenne, Wyoming
    • Regular unleaded: $4.004/gallon
    • Diesel: $4.971/gallon
  • Denver, Colorado:
    • Regular unleaded: $3.953/gallon
    • Diesel: $4.847/gallon
  • Greeley, Colorado:
    • Regular unleaded: $3.897/gallon
    • Diesel: $4.894/gallon
  • Fort Collins-Loveland, Colorado:
    • Regular unleaded: $3.917/gallon
    • Diesel: $4.855/gallon
  • Rapid City, South Dakota:
    • Regular unleaded: $3.962/gallon
    • Diesel: $5.052/gallon
  • Billings, Montana:
    • Regular unleaded: $4.073/gallon
    • Diesel: $5.016/gallon
  • Missoula, Montana:
    • Regular unleaded: $4.066/gallon
    • Diesel: $5.031/gallon
  • Salt Lake City, Utah:
    • Regular unleaded: $4.383/gallon
    • Diesel: $5.098/gallon
  • Pocatello, Idaho:
    • Regular unleaded: $4.422/gallon
    • Diesel: $5.148/gallon

While average fuel prices are higher in Casper and Cheyenne than in Denver, gas prices in Wyoming’s metropolitan areas are cheaper than in much of the rest of Wyoming. The average price in Natrona County is $3.977 per gallon of regular gasoline, one of only three counties in the state where average regular gas prices are below $4 per gallon on Friday.

Gas is more expensive in western Wyoming with average prices highest in Teton ($4.475/gallon), Lincoln ($4.345/gallon) and Uinta ($4.318/gallon) Counties, AAA data shows.