Zach Schommer at Old Chicago 

  • Starting at 6:00. Mini tour kick off at Old Chicago.

Live Music at the Beacon Club 

  • Starting at 9:00. Donnie Evetts Band Live in Casper Wy at Beacon Club

Widening the Circle of Compassion

  • Starting at 5:30. This month, as we engage the theme Stronger Together – Beloved Community, we’re asking ourselves what contributes to healthy, robust community. We’re seeking to be people who walk the walk, and talk the talk of peace & compassion.

    This Wednesday we will ask questions about where the good news can be found and experienced in 2018. If Jesus repeatedly asked us to love each other, how do we do that when divisiveness dominates?

    Join us at 5:30pm for free shared food, conversation & the opportunity to get up and act!

    Child care through 4th grade provided.

    Coming Up!
    on Monday January 15th we will join a city-wide celebration, march & day of service in honor of the memory and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

    The schedule includes:
    11:00am — March from City Park, 7th & Center,
    11:30am — Celebration at First United Methodist Church
    Hamid Kahn will be the keynote speaker
    He is an Adjunct Professor at the University of South Carolina,
    an attorney, and civil rights advocate.
    12:30pm — Lunch @ Wyoming Food For Thought
    1 — 3pm — Service Projects

    ** If you’re willing to take the Pledge of Nonviolence in his honor, we’ll be collecting pledges through photos and videos leading up to the 15th.

Geeks Who Drink at Frontier Brewing Company

  • Geeks Who Drink is the LIVE pub trivia quiz that is free to play. Win bar cash, Internet glory, and other cool Frontier swag. Our quizzes cover everything from celebrities in trouble to wordplay to bad television. Play in teams of up to six or by yourself (if you’re some kind of savant.) Best of all, there’s Frontier BEER and a food truck! Everything a growing geek needs!! Please SHARE this post with your friends and family…the more the merrier!

    Geeks Who Drink happens each and every Wednesday @ 7pm. To see last week’s results, visit