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Firefighters rekindle ‘Station Run’ tradition, run 26.2 miles

Photo courtesy of Eric Christensen

CASPER, Wyo. — Five Casper Fire-EMS Department firefighters, one Natrona County Fire Protection District firefighter and one member of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming completed a 26.2 mile “Station Run” on Sunday, April 29.

Casper firefighter Eric Christensen said the “Station Run” used to be a tradition that all firefighters would participate in when they joined the department.

“They used to do it at the end of their academy training,” he said. “It would begin at Station No. 1 and went in consecutive order up to Station No. 6.”

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Christensen said that competition among firefighters pushed the run even further. Instead of finishing at Station No. 6, the run would go on in descending station order back to Station No. 1.

“The previous administration put a stop to it because some people weren’t suited to that kind of activity,” he added.

Christensen said that he joined the department a year ago and kept hearing about the tradition from other firefighters.

“‘You’re lucky, Eric, you didn’t have to do the Station Run,'” Christensen said they told him.

Christensen said that he and another firefighter, Christopher Steinhoff just finished a probationary period, having graduated from the fire academy a year ago.

“It was the one year anniversary of our hire so we decided to do it,” he said.

Because they did the Station Run on their day off, Christensen said they didn’t need approval from the administration, though he said he thinks the new administration has been more understanding and supportive.

Members of the Casper Fire-EMS Department who completed the Station Run were Christensen, Steinhoff, Micah Rush, Bill Bohman and Cody Park.

Natrona County Fire Protection District’s Ryan Grigg joined them for the run as well as their mutual friend Colby Frontiero with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming.

Christensen said that running from Station No. 1 to No. 6 and back again to came up just short of marathon distance.

“Toph Steinhoff and Micah Rush ran two laps around the block to finish it off,” he said. “The final distance came out to about 26.2 miles.”

As to whether the revived tradition will continue moving forward, Christensen said he was unsure.

“I don’t know,” he said. “We’d like to see it go on, but I guess that will be up to new recruits whether they want to do that.”