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(PHOTOS) Hunters turn out for inaugural Birds and Barley Wing Shoot

The fundraiser benefited the Wyoming Craft Brewers Guild, a statewide nonprofit organization.

A hunter takes aim at Saturday's Birds and Barley WIng Shoot, raising money for the Wyoming Craft Brewers Guild. (Tommy Culkin, Oil City News)

CASPER, Wyo. — This morning, dozens of area hunters took part in the inaugural Birds and Barley Wing Shoot, a fundraiser hosted by the Wyoming Craft Brewers Guild and the Wyoming Weed and Pest Council to raise money for the Craft Brewers Guild.

“I’m thrilled by the turnout,” guild Executive Director Michelle Forster said. “This is great, especially for our first one. And hopefully as we make this an annual event, it’ll get even bigger in the years to come.

“Our job as an association is to make sure our members have what they need to be successful and sustainable in their businesses, and that includes promotion, education and legislative advocacy. All the money raised at events like this will go towards our work in those areas.”

Forster said she doesn’t know how much was raised at today’s event yet, but said that some of the specific projects it will help fund include a conference that will be held in Cheyenne in September, lobbying efforts and educational scholarships offered by the guild.

(Tommy Culkin, Oil City News)
(Tommy Culkin, Oil City News)
(Tommy Culkin, Oil City News)