(Brittani Wert, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — Natrona County residents and visitors are reminded that the 2nd Annual Emergency Response Expo will take place tomorrow — Saturday, Sept. 9 — from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Eastridge Mall’s south parking lot, located at 601 SE Wyoming Blvd., according to a news release by Natrona County Emergency Management.

In alignment with September’s National Preparedness Month and this year’s theme, “Take Control in 1, 2, 3,” the expo serves as a reminder of being prepared for the entire community, but notably older adults who may face higher risks during emergencies. As recognized by the Federal Emergency Management Agencies Ready Campaign, this demographic — especially those living alone, on low incomes, with disabilities or in rural areas — can be particularly vulnerable.

The free, family-friendly event offers attendees a look into the capabilities and resources of local first responders in Natrona County. Highlighted attractions include live demonstrations, a showcase of essential public safety equipment and the opportunity to meet and greet with local enforcement officers, firefighters and the heartwarming safety mascot Safetypup.

Stacia Hill, Natrona County Emergency Management coordinator, reiterated the event’s significance.

“This is a great opportunity to meet local first responders and learn about the equipment they use to save lives,” Hill stated in the release. “We had a lot of fun last year with our community; we are excited to offer this event again and maybe even inspire someone’s future,”

Various key agencies are partnering in the event, including the City of Casper Fire-EMS Department and Mills Fire Department, reinforcing the county’s commitment to preparedness, response, recovery and the overall safety of its residents.

With the event set against the backdrop of National Preparedness Month, the Emergency Response Expo not only serves as an interactive platform for the community but also as a reminder of the unforeseen challenges we may face and the role local first responders play in safeguarding Natrona County.