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Natrona County health and food inspections (5/1/22–5/13/22)



CASPER, Wyo. — The Casper-Natrona County Health Department inspects restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, mobile food units, commissaries, and food vending operations. Every facility has an unannounced inspection at least twice a year.

According to the department, “There are three types of violations: priority, priority foundation and core.”

While the department of health is looking for deficiencies, the organization’s main goal is to educate businesses, helping them understand unsafe practices and ways to correct them.

According to Ruth Heald, the program manager for Environmental Health in Natrona County, “There is no sliding scale or a pass or failing of a health inspection.” She says that every violation is either fixed immediately or within 10 days, meaning that a violation does not make the business unsafe.

If a re-inspection is required, the issue might have been more severe or the facility required more time to fix it. They have ten days to fix the issue, and according to Heald most facilities can easily meet the requirement.

Any serious violations or notable quotes will be included in summary notes below, but the full report for each restaurant can be found at the department’s website, where they publish all of their current information.

May 4

Banner Wyoming Medical Center
Violations: 0 (follow-up to April 20 inspection)
Re-inspection Required: No
Link to full report

May 5

Violations: 1
Re-inspection Required: No
Link to full report

May 11

Big D #52 (1232 E. 12th St.)
Violations: 0
Re-inspection Required: No
Link to full report