CASPER, Wyo. — Wyoming is the third highest in the nation for nursing home staff shortages as nursing home residents in the region bear the brunt of recent COVID-19-related infections and deaths, according to AARP.

Wyoming has the eighth highest rate of COVID-19 infections in the country, reporting 6.2 cases per 100 residents, according to AARP, with 42% of Wyoming nursing homes reporting confirmed cases in their facilities between July and August.

The Cowboy State also ranks number three in the nation for the number of nursing home staff with confirmed cases of COVID-19, AARP says, and Wyoming features the eighth highest percentage of nursing facilities to report staffing shortages, with half of the state’s nursing facilities reporting nurse and aid shortages.

Around 80% of all Wyoming nursing home residents are fully vaccinated and boosted, effectively double the number of nursing home staff to report the same, per AARP.

New Mexico has the highest COVID-19 case rate in the country with 10.4 cases per 100 residents, AARP says, and Alaska reported the highest number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 with .18 deaths per 100 residents.

Alaska also has the highest number of nursing home staff COVID-19 cases with 11.28 cases per 100 residents, according to AARP.

Rates of COVID-19 cases and deaths in nursing homes nationwide rose in July for the third consecutive month, a trend that began after no COVID-19-related deaths were reported in mid-May, AARP says, marking the end of several months of decline from the January peak of the initial Omicron variant wave.

Nationwide, 88% of residents and 89% of healthcare staff, or about one in nine staff and one in eight residents, per AARP, are fully vaccinated with a primary series.