Indoor face mask mandates still finding support in Wyoming, survey shows


CASPER, Wyo. — Support for ordinances requiring people to wear face masks while indoors when visiting public places is on the decline in Wyoming, results of a Sept. 8 survey show.

However, the WyoSpeaks survey conducted by the University of Wyoming’s Wyoming Survey & Analysis Center still found, as did surveys in July and August, that a majority would either “somewhat” or “strongly” support requiring face masks in indoor public spaces.

While 47% of respondents indicated they would “strongly support” an ordinance requiring face masks be worn in indoor public places in the August WyoSpeaks survey, only 40.4% said the same in September. The percentage who would somewhat support such an ordinance remained relatively flat:

62% of respondents said that in the two weeks prior to the September survey, they “always/often” wear a face mask when in indoor public places. That’s a decline of 4% from August:

While a majority oppose ordinances requiring people wear face masks at outdoor public events, Wyomingites would be more likely to attend if face masks were required, the survey indicates. 40.3% said they would be more likely to attend while 22.7% indicated it that wouldn’t impact their decision one way or another.

If face masks are only optional at outdoor public events, 39% said they would be less likely to attend. 22.7% said such a policy would make them more likely to attend while 38.3% said it makes no difference:

The September survey was sent to 1,388 WyoSpeaks panel members and 503 responded. Respondents included people in age brackets ranging from 18-24 all the way up to the highest age bracket of 75+ and included responses from people in each Wyoming county.

The survey also asked a number of other questions. Oil City will provide further reporting on those results. Wyoming Survey & Analysis Center research can be accessed online.