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Wyoming’s ‘first big’ deadline to apply for hunts in 2022 arrives at end of January


CASPER, Wyo. — The Wyoming Game and Fish Department said on Monday that “first big deadline looms to apply for 2022 Wyoming hunts.”

The first deadline that applies to applications for nonresident elk and spring turkey licenses as well as to enter Game and Fish’s Super Tag raffle is midnight Monday, January 31.

Game and Fish provided further detail regarding nonresident elk, spring turkey and Super Tag applications:

Nonresident elk: Nonresident elk hunters must submit their application by Jan. 31 but can modify or withdraw their existing applications until May 9. Draw results for nonresident elk will tentatively be available May 19. 

Spring turkey: Resident and nonresident spring turkey hunters must apply by Jan. 31 and have until Feb. 3 to modify or withdraw applications. Draw results for spring turkey will tentatively be available Feb. 17. 

Super Tag: Jan. 31 is the new cut-off date to enter Game and Fish’s Super Tag raffle for 2022, which consists of one license drawing for: bighorn sheep, moose, elk, mountain goat, wild bison, deer, antelope, mountain lion, gray wolf and black bear. The Super Tag Trifecta is one drawing and the winner chooses any three licenses from the species offered. Tickets are $10 each, Trifecta tickets are $30 and all tickets can only be purchased on the Game and Fish’s website. Super Tag winners will be announced on Feb. 15. 

All hunters who enter the Super Tag raffle in January will be entered into a bonus raffle. Three lucky hunters could win their choice of the Weatherby Mark V Backcountry 2.0 rifle or one of two Weatherby Mark Hunter rifles. 

Wyoming Game and Fish

Game and Fish License Section Manager Jennifer Doering said that people interested in completing applications are encouraged to submit as early as possible.

“Give yourself more time in case you run into issues with your Game and Fish username and password or have questions,” Doering said. “Our telephone information center grows busier closer to the deadline — so don’t delay if you need help.”

People applying are required to do so online and have a username and password, Game and Fish added. People can find tentative 2022 season information on the Game and Fish Hunt Planner and can call (307) 777-4600 if they have questions about applications.