A striping project has been completed on the Scenic Drive near Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park. (NPS Photo/T. Carson)

CASPER, Wyo. — The one-way Scenic Drive near Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park has been reopened after the completion of a road striping project, the National Park Service said Wednesday.

The road striping project was conducted to improve bicyclist safety. In addition to new striping on the road, new signs are expected to be installed this fall to help cyclists understand the bike route, the press release said.

“Enhancing cycling experiences and opportunities in the park is high priority for us,” said Chip Jenkins, superintendent of Grand Teton National Park. “We appreciate the collaboration of partners like Wyoming Pathways who provided the concept and technical ideas for the improvements to Scenic Drive.”

The Scenic Drive near Jenny Lake starts at String Lake in the north, continues along Jenny Lake to the south and connects with Teton Park Road. It was restriped to allow one-way vehicle traffic and two-way bike traffic.

“The existing southbound bicycle lane was widened to allow for bicycles and vehicles and a new northbound lane was created for bicycles only,” the NPS said.

Before the project was completed, cyclists needed to use Teton Park Road to complete a loop trip. That road is less convenient for cyclists as it has higher traffic volumes and speeds, the press release said.

Grand Teton is collaborating with Teton County for future biking projects, including a Sagebrush bike connector trail. There is also discussion of integrating the Gros Ventre campground with the multi-use path system in the area, the NPS said.