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Natrona County recent applications for marriage (4/20/22–4/26/22)


CASPER, Wyo. — Congratulations to all of the happy couples applying for marriage licenses in Natrona County. Here is a list of those that applied for a marriage license from April 20 through April 26. All filings are reported to Oil City News by the County Clerks Office.

The log is not a comprehensive document and may not represent all of the upcoming marriages in Natrona County.

Upcoming marriages:

  • Mendez, Mark Anthony and Mendez, Becky Luta
  • Reinig, Matthew Thomas and Branson, Rebekah Lynn
  • Klein, Wesley Conrad and Rowe, Jessica Kay
  • Clymer, Cody Lane and Hurd, Ashley Nicole
  • Price, Derrill Sterling and Parson, Jessica Leigh
  • Moss, Peter Lavern and Husted Samantha Elisabeth
  • Miller, Michael Wayne and Gimbel, Amber Marie
  • Fernandez, John Anthony and Perkins, Casey Cole
  • Bouissey, Danny Edward and McDaniel, Erin Kate
  • Majors, Andrew Russell and Fowler, Celine Elizabeth Keeler
  • Maxwell, Robert Michael Jr. and Moore, Brooklyn Kae
  • Stark, Craig Lenace and Sterling, Sierra Jerlene
  • Alvarez, Issac Gabriel and Skovgard, Erika Marie
  • Andrews, Toby Lee and Qualle, Beverly Pauline
  • Hays, Matthew Landry and Ulrich, Adrianna Marie
  • Garret, Ryan Joseph and Lyman, Valorie Lee
  • Lovelady, Andrew Thomas and Hanson, Stephanie Betty Jean
  • Parkurst, Zackery Gilberto-Eagle and Rino, Reine Kathleen

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