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Natrona County recent applications for marriage (4/27/22–5/3/22)



CASPER, Wyo. — Congratulations to all of the happy couples applying for marriage licenses in Natrona County. Here is a list of those that applied for a marriage license from April 27 through May 3. All filings are reported to Oil City News by the County Clerks Office.

The log is not a comprehensive document and may not represent all of the upcoming marriages in Natrona County.

Upcoming marriages:

  • Martin, Austin Chase and Penka, Brianna Lynn
  • Isaac Reyna, Jose Isaul and Godoy Carrillo, Gilma Arely
  • Waddy, Kobie James and Howe, Kaila Ashli
  • Almy, Brandon Brooke and Russell, Olivia Renee
  • True, Harrison Diemer and Connor, Meghan Elizabeth
  • Whitlow, Deven Zachary and Walker, Meaghan Marie
  • Deho, Timothy Joseph and Wassmuth, Crystal Michelle
  • Maestas, Scott Anthony and Murphy, Melinda Sue
  • Cotton, Michael Scott and Bigelow, Jessica May
  • Brunow, Rory Logan and Wood, Destiny May
  • Osborn, Tyler Ryan and Cundy, Chantal Lynn
  • George, Cole Anthony and Decker, Taylor Anne Shelby
  • Lambert, Bradley Jon and Schwindt, Glenda Sue
  • Hopson, Ryan Patrick and Maes, Lucretia Monique Janey

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