CASPER, Wyo. — Natrona County School District 1 is celebrating 28 employees who have hit the 25-year mark for years of service.

“Throughout their professional career at NCSD, they have shown outstanding commitment to providing professional and exceptional services, resources, and educational opportunities to students and school families,” the district said on social media. “Their contributions to creating environments where students can grow, learn, and succeed will continue to make a lasting positive impression on our entire community and world for years to come.”

The 25-year employees will receive an engraved bell to commemorate their longevity and professional achievement in the Natrona County School District.

The 25-Year Bell recipients are as follows:

  • Kelly Alt
  • James Black
  • Marial Choma
  • Jack Custard
  • Shawn Delaney
  • Heather Feraud
  • Bridget Fink
  • James Gaither
  • Patrick Glynn
  • Robin Grussendorf
  • Karen Higginson
  • Kim Hilderbrand
  • Jeneen Hill
  • Bertha Holbrook
  • Joanne Jackson
  • Elizabeth Jennings
  • Katherine Jimenez
  • Paul Jimenez
  • Sally Keith
  • Laurie Kilts
  • Beth Millay
  • E. Deann Russell
  • Deborah Trujillo
  • Susan Urban
  • Jim Watson
  • Perry White Eagle
  • Delaine Williamson
  • Tarra Wood