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(VIDEO) NASA tests breaking point of rockets for Artemis moon landing program

Coolant explodes from the SLS rockets in a controlled stress test by NASA engineers June 24, 2020 (NASA.gov)

CASPER, Wyo — NASA today posted a clip of a spectacular controlled failure. The Marshall test team at NASA have been testing the Space Launch System (SLS) rockets to be used in the Artemis program, which aims to send the first woman and the next man to the moon by 2024.  On June 24, the team completed a final test of the liquid oxygen structural test article to find its point of failure.

The testing took place at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. According to NASA, the liquid oxygen tank test article — measuring 70 feet tall and 28 feet in diameter — was bolted into a massive 185,000-pound steel ring at the base of Marshall’s Test Stand 4697

“Hydraulic cylinders were then calibrated and positioned all along the tank to apply millions of pounds of crippling force from all sides while engineers measured and recorded the effects of the launch and flight forces. The liquid oxygen tank circumferentially failed in the weld location as engineers predicted and at the approximate load levels expected, proving flight readiness and providing critical data for the tank’s designers,” said NASA on its website.

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