The 18th Annual One-Pitch Softball Tournament is set to take place in Casper, Wyoming, Saturday and Sunday, August 26-27, 2017. The tournament offers a three-game guarantee in Men’s, Women’s and, Co-Ed competitive and recreational divisions.

The tournament will operate under modified rules: Each batter will get one pitch. A “strike” or “foul ball” is considered an “out,” a “ball” is a free ticket to first base, and a hit is as good as it’s worth. All other softball rules apply. All games will take place at the Crossroads and North Casper Softball Complexes.

Entry fees are set at $150 in all divisions, payable to the Casper Recreational Leagues Association. Awards include t-shirts and plaques. All entry fees are due by Thursday, August 17, 2017.

All umpires are U.S.A. Softball Association certified.

Entry fees are accepted at the Casper Recreation Center, 1801 East 4th Street, Casper, WY 82601, and online registration fees are accepted at Team entries should include a team manager’s name, address, phone numbers, and desired division of play.