NWS: Tornadoes spotted in Goshen County on Tuesday evening

A tornado is shown in Goshen County on Tuesday evening. The National Weather Service in Cheyenne says several storm chasers spotted tornadoes around the area during severe weather. (National Weather Service via Facebook)

The National Weather Service in Cheyenne said tornadoes were spotted around Goshen County on Tuesday afternoon.

The NWS posted several photos on its Facebook page of possible tornadoes appearing to form as a “supercell” moved through the area .

Goshen County Emergency Management posted photos of what appeared to be damage from possible tornadoes, including a dead cow and a number of vehicles and outside buildings.

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The NWS issued warnings last night of severe weather, including hail, downpours and tornadoes in the area through the late evening.

The agency is warning of more unsettled weather for eastern and southeastern areas of Wyoming along the Nebraska border later today.