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PHOTOS: ‘Massive wind event’ wallops hundreds of trees, damages Bridger-Teton lodge

(U.S. Forest Service Bridger-Teton National Forest, Facebook)

CASPER, Wyo. — A “massive wind event” with gusts over 60 mph knocked over hundreds of trees and damaged the Big Sandy Lodge in the Pinedale Ranger District of the Bridger-Teton National Forest, according to the United States Forest Service.

“Wind gusts were 60 mph+ throughout the Wind River Range, causing trees to cover roadways and trails,” the Forest Service said of Monday’s winds. “The Big Sandy Lodge is closed because of damage.”

All Bridger-Teton Forest roads in the area have been cleared, allowing people to drive to trailheads but “there are HUNDREDS of trees across the trails.”

(U.S. Forest Service Bridger-Teton National Forest, Facebook)

The Forest Service adds that it took hikers seven hours to cover four miles on the Continental Divide Trail due to the downed trees. Other trails are also blocked::

  • “From Big Sandy Trailhead to Big Sandy Lake is 6 miles and it is in timber the whole way. Hundreds of trees across the trail. Difficult to pass through this area.”
  • “Elkhart Park Trailhead: Pole Creek Trail: Hundreds of trees in the first 2.5 miles. At the Miller Park turn off there is a massive blockage that people can not get through and turning around, back to trailhead.”
  • “Green River Lakes: Road open. Campground open. The Highline Trail south from Green River Lakes is 10 miles through heavy timber to Three Forks Park- approximately 100 trees in this section over the trail.”
  • “Scab Creek Trailhead: Hundreds of trees across the trail in the first 2.5 miles to the Wilderness boundary were put on the ground. The trail has not been cleared, but all the trees at chest level were dropped to the ground over the past day or so.Minimal clearing into the Wilderness has occurred due to the rescue that occurred earlier this week.”
  • “Storm heavily effected Elkhart Park south, not as significant to the north.”
  • “New Fork Lakes: Road open. Campgrounds open (both the Narrows and New Fork Lake Campgrounds). The New Fork Trail is 8 miles through heavy timber to New Fork Park. Minimal trees over the trail.”

Further details are available from the U.S. Forest Service Bridger-Teton National Forest Facebook page.