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79 mph wind gust recorded in Casper on Wednesday

A semi blown over on Wednesday, Jan. 12. (NWS in Cheyenne, Twitter)

CASPER, Wyo. – Face-melting winds and gusts swept through much of central and southern Wyoming yesterday, according to data released by the National Weather Service in Riverton.

A gust of 79 mph was recorded by a WYDOT weather station in Casper around 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday. Other stations in town recorded similar strong gusts, with 68 mph in Mills and 65 mph at Hat Six.

Atlantic City recorded a gust of 101 mph yesterday, and a 105 peak was recorded near Warren Air Force Base. An 89 mph gust was recorded by a station in Cheyenne.

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The winds caused numerous accidents and rolling closures along Interstate 25 and Interstate 80 on Wednesday afternoon.

The National Weather Service in Riverton says Casper should expect stiff winds again today, though not as extreme as yesterday. Today’s gusts should reach 34 mph, with a high temperature of 30 degrees in Casper.

Winds are expected to still be high elsewhere in the state, particularly along Interstate 25 and Interstate 80 again, with high wind warnings in effect with 70 mph gusts possible.