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Subzero Casper low of -19 degrees next week and 100% chance for snow; city issues ‘winter driving alert’

(Dan Cepeda, Oil City File)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Casper area is expected to warm as high as 50 degrees on Sunday before the likely return of snow on Sunday night and the near-certain return of snow on Presidents Day along with subzero temperatures in the new week.

Warmer weekend

Casper is expected to see sunny conditions on Saturday with a high near 47 degrees and partly sunny conditions with a high near 50 degrees on Sunday, according to the National Weather Service (NWS) in Riverton.

Snow forecast

Snow is likely after 11 p.m. Sunday night, with the NWS in Riverton forecasting a 60% chance of precipitation. Snow is all but certain on Presidents Day, with a 100% chance of precipitation in the Casper area on Monday. Snow is likely to continue on Monday night with a 70% chance of precipitation, according to the NWS in Riverton. There is a 40% chance of snow on Tuesday.

Subzero temperatures coming

After a low around 34 degrees on Saturday night, Casper is expected to see the low drop to around 10 degrees on Sunday night before subzero overnight lows arrive to begin the new week.

Casper can expect a high near 12 degrees on Presidents Day followed by a low around -10 degrees Monday night, according to the NWS in Riverton. Tuesday is expected to be even colder, with a high near zero degrees during the day and a low around -19 degrees overnight.

Wednesday is expected to bring a high near 10 degrees before dipping to a low around -7 degrees by night. A breezy Thursday is expected to climb to a high near 21 degrees, the NWS in Riverton forecast.

Casper Mountain forecast

Casper Mountain could climb above 40 degrees on both Saturday and Sunday before a 100% chance of snow on Sunday night and on Presidents Day, according to the NWS in Riverton. There is an 80% chance of snow on Monday night and a 40% chance on Tuesday.

The mountain could drop as low as 2 degrees on Sunday night. Presidents Day could reach as high as 14 degrees with windchill readings of -14 to -24 degrees possible, according to the NWS in Riverton. Monday night lows could drop to -12 to -18 degrees. Windchill readings could drop between -31 and -41 degrees.

Tuesday is expected to be colder, with a high near 4 degrees during the day and a low around -19 degrees on Tuesday night with -33 to -43 degree windchills possible. Casper Mountain could see temperatures reach as high as 8 degrees on Wednesday with -21 to -31 degree windchills possible, according to the NWS in Riverton. Wednesday night is expected to dip to between -6 to -12 degrees with -21 to -31 degree windchills possible.

Thursday is expected to see a high between 11 and 17 degrees on the mountain with -21 to -31 degree windchills possible in the morning.

Further forecast information for Casper and for Casper Mountain is available from the NWS in Riverton.

City of Casper issues “winter driving alert”

The City of Casper has issued a “winter driving alert” for Monday through Wednesday due to the forecast of cold and snow.

“Low temperatures combined with snow can create hazardous conditions on our streets,” Streets Manager Shad Rodgers said in a Friday press release from the city. “We use an ice melt that does not work as quickly in subzero and single-digit temperatures, and while it creates traction, it will not melt ice and snow down to the bare roadway.” 

The city only spreads ice melt on intersections and hills during single-digit and subzero conditions in order to be fiscally responsible due to the product being less effective at these temperatures, according to Rodgers.

Drivers are asked to use caution, slow down and avoid routes that include steep hills when possible, especially the hill on 15th Street at the intersection with McKinley Street.

“15th at McKinley is a short, steep hill, and whether traveling down or up the hill, motorists can get into trouble quickly in slick conditions,” Rodgers said. “The intersection is one of Casper’s most accident-prone during winter storms.”

The city provides more information on its snowplowing operations and snow routes online.