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Scattered snow showers in store for coming week

Casper residents can expect snowy weather to return in the coming days.

Blue skies and blowing snow in south Casper in January, 2023 (City of Casper, Facebook)

CASPER, Wyo. — This weekend, Casper residents were able to enjoy some sunny skies and relatively warm temperatures, but the National Weather Service in Riverton predicts snowfall to return to the Casper area before too long, with several days this coming week featuring a chance of winter weather.

On Monday, cloudy skies and scattered rain showers have a 30% chance of turning to snow at night, the NWS in Riverton reports. Monday’s high temperature is 50 degrees, but conditions will drop below freezing after the sun sets.

Tuesday’s forecast includes a 30% chance of snowfall continuing throughout the day, though the likelihood climbs to 50% in the late-night hours. Temperatures will climb to a high of 41 during the day and drop to a low of 26.

By Wednesday, snow isn’t just possible but probable, according to the NWS. There is an 80% chance of snow showers throughout the day Wednesday, with a high of 40 degrees. Wednesday will also likely bring moderately strong winds, capable of gusting at upwards of 25 mph. At night, the chance of snow drops to 40%.

Today, though, Casper residents will still be able to enjoy precipitation-free skies. Today’s high is 44 degrees, though wind gusts from the west of up to 35 mph will make conditions feel somewhat cooler. Tonight, temperatures will drop to around freezing, with winds remaining strong.