(Brendan LaChance, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — Casper and parts of Natrona, Sweetwater and Fremont counties face elevated fire weather conditions today, the National Weather Service in Riverton warns.

Today, Casper will experience warm and predominantly dry conditions. However, the west side of the state could see a few isolated showers and thunderstorms.

Today’s Forecast: Bright and sunny skies are expected, with a high nearing 82. Winds from the southwest are anticipated to blow at speeds of 8–14 mph, and there’s a potential for gusts to reach up to 21 mph.

Into the Night: The evening sky will be adorned with a few clouds, as temperatures drop to a comfortable 52. The southwest wind will continue to blow at 7–13 mph, with gusts peaking at about 20 mph.

Upcoming Days Hold Potential Showers

Tuesday: The sunny streak continues with temperatures hovering around 80. The western wind, however, will persist, reaching speeds of 9–13 mph and gusting at up to 20 mph.

Midweek Outlook: Wednesday brings a 20% chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Despite this, the sun will still shine and the temperature is set to rise to 78.

Wednesday evening, the chance of precipitation increases to 30%, especially before midnight.

Rest of the Week: Thursday is forecast to be breezy with a high near 78 and a 30% chance of afternoon showers. By evening, this probability jumps to 50%.

Friday offers a more definite outlook for rain, with showers being likely after noon and temperatures expected to dip to 68.

Friday night has a 50% chance of showers alongside breezy conditions and a low of 42.