(Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — With summer transitioning into fall, Casper and surrounding regions in central and western Wyoming have experienced warmer than usual temperatures.

According to data from the National Weather Service in Riverton, the average temperature for September was 78.9, a noticeable increase from the normal 75.6. On the cooler side, night lows averaged at 43.5, slightly above the typical 42.2.

Rainfall was varied across different areas, with some locations witnessing drier conditions and others recording more precipitation, courtesy of cold fronts and heavier thunderstorms.

The climatological data revealed that Casper received 0.59 inches of rain this September, a decrease from the normal 0.95 inches. Interestingly, no snowfall was recorded, diverging from the average 1.5 inches typically seen in September.

The city’s weather oscillated throughout the month, starting with a hot day with a temperature of 91 on Sept. 1, which also saw trace amounts of rain. The temperatures fluctuated between the high 60s and mid-80s for the majority of the month.

The coolest days were Sept. 14 and 23, with highs of just 67, while the month wrapped up warmly with a temperature of 85 on Sept. 30.

One of the most significant rainy spells was on Sept. 4, when 0.18 inches of rain were recorded, offering a respite from the heat. The greatest rainfall occurred on Sept. 14 with 0.23 inches. However, several days in the month saw only trace amounts of precipitation.

Casper also didn’t see its first freeze in September. The historical average for Casper’s first freeze comes on Sept. 20, and four of the last five years saw the first freeze in September.

In conclusion, Casper residents enjoyed a warmer September this year, with temperatures frequently exceeding the monthly average. While the city saw less rainfall than usual, the intermittent showers provided a refreshing change from the warmth.

This data can be found on the National Weather Service website. It is worth noting that the NWS records its data at the Casper International Airport and may vary slightly from reading taken in the city proper.