(Yellowstone National Park)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — There will be four major road improvement projects in Yellowstone this year, causing delays on Lewis River Bridge, Old Faithful to West Thumb, Yellowstone River Bridge and Northeast Entrance Road.

Park officials advise visitors to plan accordingly for these delays located along the park’s southern and northern road corridors.

The park’s North Entrance, located in Gardiner, Montana, and Northeast Entrance, located in Silver Gate and Cooke City, Montana, are open to all traffic with no restrictions.

Both road corridors were repaired after last year’s historic flood event.

The National Park Service began the Old Faithful to West Thumb and Lewis River Bridge project simultaneously in 2022 to complete both projects in a three-year window. Otherwise, impacts to visitors would have occurred over four to five years.

Addressing the maintenance backlog is part of the National Park Service’s core mission to preserve national parks and provide a world-class visitor experience.

Yellowstone has an asset inventory totaling $4.1 billion, with an estimated $1 billion in deferred maintenance and repairs associated with this inventory. The park also has an estimated $54 million in annual routine maintenance requirements.

To further Yellowstone’s investing in infrastructure strategic priority, the park is committed to developing a cogent deferred maintenance reduction plan, improving the quality of data and prioritization processes and taking better advantage of current and future funding to improve asset conditions and protect investments.

Learn more about each road improvement project scheduled for this year at go.nps.gov/23009.