Lindsey Woodward (Wyoming Weed and Pest Council)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Wyoming Weed and Pest Council has announced Lindsey Woodward as the new Weed and Pest Program coordinator for the Wyoming Department of Agriculture.

In this position, Woodward will represent the Wyoming Department of Agriculture in coordinating WWPC’s activities and assisting districts in the development of management programs. She will also organize federal and state grant programs as well as assist districts in managing noxious weeds and pests.

Woodward brings a wealth of knowledge from the weed and pest field, a Weed and Pest Council press release states. Before she was hired, she served as the district supervisor of Hot Springs County Weed and Pest. There she oversaw substantial programs for invasive weed, grasshopper and mosquito control.

She also brought in grant dollars to support the programs and contributed to WWPC committees.

“The big thing that made a difference for me coming in was the huge amount of support I got from other district supervisors,” Woodward said. “I feel like they’re behind me, and that makes a big difference to know that what I’m doing is going to help them.”

Woodward takes over for Slade Franklin, who had been in the position since 2004. They worked together while Woodward was at Hot Springs County.

“Lindsey is very well prepared, very well organized, and has good conceptual ideas of where she wants to take the council in the future,” Franklin said. “She has a lot of knowledge from on the ground on how to manage these programs that I think will help a lot in the position.”

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