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Child’s Accidental 9-11 Call Leads to Drug Arrests

Two Casper residents have been arrested and booked into jail on drug possession charges, after it is believed that a young child called 9-11 by mistake.

Jesse A Frausto and Summer R Otero, Courtesy of Casper Police Dept.

Two Casper residents were arrested on July 3rd, and booked into jail on drug possession charges, after it is believed that a young child called 9-11 by mistake.

According to police paperwork, dispatch received a call where they said they could hear a child’s voice, but nothing else. A second call came in from the same location, and the caller hung up on both occasions.

When officers arrived to the home where it was believed the call had come from, officers approached the open front door of the South Kenwood Street home, and reported smelling the odor of burnt marijuana coming from inside.

Officers made contact with suspects inside the home, including 25-year-old Jesse A Frausto and 31-year-old Summer Otero. Although police note that when first speaking to Otero, she originally gave officers a false name.

Police say that one of the individuals in the home had allowed a small child to play games on a cellular telephone, and that the child had accidentally dialed 9-11.

Police investigated the welfare of the child and did not find anything to be medically wrong. However, during investigation officers note that Frausto, who had been inside the home when police arrived, was exhibiting signs of being under the influence of marijuana, as well as smelling of the drug.

A search warrant was obtained for the home, and officers found a black backpack containing a driver’s license belonging to Frausto, as well as a case containing three individually wrapped 1-gallon sized baggies of plant-form marijuana. Also in the backpack was a scale, a black and red glass pipe, and a black pipe.

Police quote Frausto in arrest paperwork as saying “my fault for being stupid,” during his arrest.

During the search police also found a backpack with a Wyoming Driver’s license and Social Security card belonging to Otero. Police recognized the match between the driver’s license photo and the woman who had given them a different name earlier. The woman confirmed her identity as Otero, and said that she had given officers a false name because she feared that she had a warrant for her arrest.

Police also found a 1-gallon sized baggie with plant-form marijuana inside the bag with Otero’s ID cards. Further police say that the located a suitcase with a prescription bottle belonging to Otero inside. Police also found a used syringe in the bag. The syringe would later field test positive for methamphetamine.

Arrest paperwork says that the three gallon-sizedbaggies of marijuana found in the backpack with Frausto’s identification weighed a combined total of 56.12 grams with packaging, just under 2 ounces. The marijuana found in the bag along with Otero’s ID weighed approximately 11 grams with packaging.

Frausto was booked into jail on a recommended charge of Controlled Substance Possession-Marijuana; and Otero was booked into jail on recommended charges of County Warrant, Interference With a Police Officer, Controlled Substance Possession-Marijuana, and Controlled Substance Possession- Meth.

All of those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges are subject to change following official filings from the Natrona County District Attorney’s Office.