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CPD releases name of second officer, dash-cam video in shooting (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

CPD Chief Keith McPheeters identifies Officer Randi Garrett as being the second officer on scene when officer Jacob Carlson was injured and a suspect killed on May 6, 2018 (Trevor T. Trujillo, Oil City)

The Casper Police Department released further details regarding a police-involved shooting, that left the suspect dead and a Casper Police officer critically injured.

At an afternoon press conference, held at Casper’s Hall of Justice, CPD Chief Keith McPheeters stated that the uninjured officer involved in the incident as Patrol Officer Randi Garrett, a 2-year veteran of the CPD.

The name of the deceased suspect in the case was released by the Natrona County Coroner, on Monday, as 38 year old David P. Wolosin of Casper, WY.

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On Tuesday, the Casper Police Department identified Officer Jacob Carlson.

Carlson, 27, remained in critical condition at the Wyoming Medical Center where he was being treated for multiple gunshot wounds to his legs, chest and back. He has undergone multiple surgeries and needed many units of blood over the past few days, according to McPheeters.

Casper police say the shooting occurred Sunday afternoon when a man fired at Carlson and Garrett who were called to check on a vehicle in a vacant lot. The officers returned fire and killed the man.

During Wednesday’s press conference, McPheeters also released in-car video of the incident.

The video is without audio, as a result of being captured with a failsafe, supplied by the technology used in the in-car system.

“This investigation will take some time to complete,” says McPheeters, who continued to explain that he has not debriefed the officers involved. During the shooting of the video, McPheeters offered his subjective view of the video.

McPheeters also said, that at the time of the press conference, Officer Carlson was undergoing an extensive 6-hour surgery at an area hospital.

In the video, McPheeters explained that first, Garrett approached a suspect vehicle, after receiving reports of a vehicle incident. McPheeters said that the complaint had stated that children may have been driving the car in a dirt lot, near Beverly and Farnham streets in Casper.

In the video, as Officer Garrett approaches, an adult male exits the vehicle from the passenger side door.

During a conversation with the suspect, McPheeters says that he interpreted the suspect’s body language as to be that of a person attempting to conceal something in their waistband.

After a time, a second officer, identified as Carlson approaches the scene and makes contact with Garrett, and the suspect, identified by police as Wolosin.

The conversation continues, as the suspect begins to walk away from officers. McPheeters said that his subjective interpretation, based on his experience as a law enforcement officer, that the suspect was intending to flee the scene.

As the suspect turns, Carlson attempts to restrain the man. The man then turns back to Carlson, and begins firing a handgun at point blank range.

McPheeters explained that Carlson, despite being hit, returned fire and struck the suspect. The officers are then seen to take cover behind the vehicle, while gunfire is exchanged.

After a time, Carlson clearly slumps and is unable to move.

Two children are also seen being evacuated from the vehicle, near the end of the video. They are met and comforted by a couple, that McPheeters identified as the children’s parents. The kids are said to be in the parent’s custody since the incident.

The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation is handling the case, and has declined to release many details to this point.

The video is posted below. Viewer discretion is advised, due to the graphic nature of the video.