Jackson landlord arrested for Voyeurism, in case involving hidden cameras

Riley Sills II courtesy of the Park County Sheriffs Office

A 38-year-old Jackson man was arrested on charges of Voyeurism. Police are saying that the suspect is accused of placing a hidden camera in bathroom shared by himself and tenants.

According to Teton County law enforcement records, Riley Sills II was arrested by the Jackson Police Department, following an investigation that began on September 19th.

Police say that they were contacted by an alleged victim in the case. Officials say that the victims were renting rooms from the suspect in a shared apartment space.

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The victim claims that Facebook messages were sent to them, showing the victim in a bathroom setting, allegedly using controlled substances. The victim telling police that Sills threatened to take the photographs to police.

The alleged victim was renting a room from Sills, in an apartment that was shared by multiple individuals.

Police say that the victims moved in during the first part of July, in 2018. After moving in, Sills reportedly bought and installed security cameras near the front door and common areas of the apartment. Officials say that the tenants knew about these cameras.

However, when the Facebook messages began on September 16th, it was observed that the images in the message were taken in a bathroom setting. Investigators report that the victims say they were unaware of any cameras in the bathroom.

Jackson Police Lieutenant Roger Schultz says that police served a search warrant on the premises and located several cameras, including one in the bathroom.

Schultz describes the camera as having a “pinhole lens,” embedded in a countertop clock.

A police review of the memory card associated with the camera yielded videos of several different people in the bathroom.

Schultz says that the bathroom videos led to the recommended felony Voyeurism charge, which can carry a maximum penalty of two years in prison, a fine of $5,000, or both.

The alleged victims in the case will not be facing charges. Schultz says despite the photograph that was originally sent with the message, no contraband was found in the apartment.

“We did not see any drugs during the course of our search warrant,” Schultz said. “The video isn’t enough to charge anybody with anything. They could be snorting cotton candy for all we know.”

Schultz said that the alleged victims in the case, claim that Sills had made the claim that, because he owned the apartment he could place cameras wherever he wanted. Schultz could not verify if Sills made this comment, but did say that the sentiment is untrue.

Schultz explains that tenants have a right to privacy in places like bathrooms and showers.

“You don’t get to put hidden cameras in those locations, because of that expectation of privacy.”

Schultz went on to advise people who were in shared-space living arrangements to make a thorough inspection of their living areas.

All of those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges are subject to change following official filings from the Teton County District Attorney’s Office.