Some details released on Dean Morgan lockout

File photo, Oil City

The service of a search warrant in the area of Dean Morgan Junior High School prompted a short lockout at the school, Tuesday October 9th.

Lt. Ben Matilla of the Casper Police Department says that police personnel were executing a search warrant at a home in the vicinity of the school. Matilla declined to comment on the nature of the search warrant, or if any arrests had been made in relation. Matilla said that the investigation is still on going.

The search prompted the nearby Junior High school to lock its doors. Matilla saying that they wanted to ensure students were safe during the execution of the warrant.

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Natrona County School District officials say that the lockout was of a “precautionary” nature. School business continued during the lockout, inside the school, as normal. Police officials said that the lockout was completed in under an hour.

“The lockout was a proactive precautionary measure to keep students and staff safe,” a written statement from the Natrona County School District said on Tuesday. “We appreciate the dedication of local law enforcement and our community in helping us to keep students and staff safe.”