Couple arrest in Natrona County plead guilty to traveling with children in trunk

Michael Fee and Amber Freudenstein courtesy of the Casper Police Dept

An Arizona couple pleaded guilty in Natrona County Circuit Court on Thursday morning to two counts each of child endangerment. One of the accused told the judge that he had been travelling with two children in the trunk of the couple’s vehicle.

63-year-old Michael Fee and 32-year-old Amber Freudenstien made their initial appearances in Circuity Court on Thursday morning in front of Judge H. Steven Brown.

The pair wore jail jumpsuits and were shackled hand-and-foot during the proceedings.

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The charges allege that on December 4th, 2018, in Natrona County, the Arizona couple endangered two children.

When asked for a narrative supporting his guilty plea, Fee stated they did not have room for everyone in the car and that two children were riding in the trunk. When talking to the judge, Fee said that they knew it was wrong but they “took a chance” to travel and see family members.

Fee said that he tried to “make it safe” for the children and expressed that he was grateful that nothing had happened.

Both Fee and Freudenstien pleaded guilty to the charges.

All of the charges in the case were misdemeanors.

Both individuals received sentences of 30 days in jail.