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Man arrested after attempting to leave store with over $1,000 of unpaid merchandise

James Skinner (courtesy of the Casper Police Dept)

A Casper man was arrested after it was reported that he tried to leave a Casper area retailer with over $1,000 worth of unpaid-for merchandise.

According to law enforcement records, 33-year-old James Skinner was arrested and recommended for charges of Grand Larceny, Larceny, and a Probation and Parole hold.

Police say that they were alerted to the case by employees of the retail store, located on the 4400 block of East 2nd Street.

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The employee said that on December 22nd, they had observed a man, later identified as Skinner, attempt to leave the store with several items that had not been paid for.

It was reported that Skinner had entered the store with another adult and two children. The employees say they witness Skinner place several video games into a shopping cart, and remove the security wrap off of an Instant Crockpot- which was also placed inside the cart.

Skinner was allegedly stopped as he was trying to exit the store with the items, bypassing the checkout lanes. Skinner was behind the other adult and two children, who exited the store. When confronted and asked for a receipt, store employees say that Skinner then attempted to leave out of another set of doors, where he was again confronted by store employees.

Skinner was then said to have fled the area and left the area in a vehicle.

Police say that store employees’ version of events were corroborated by security video from the scene. Police say that the total for the assorted items inside the cart amounted to $1,463.34.

Police identified Skinner from the security footage.

Officials with the office of Probation and Parole informed Casper Police that Skinner was due for an appointment with their office on December 28th.

It is reported that Skinner failed to make the P&P appointment at the scheduled time, but he contacted the office later that day from a Casper convenience store, saying that he was having trouble getting to the office.

Police officers picked Skinner up and transported him to the P & P office, where he was asked about the events of December 22nd.

Skinner denied attempting to take the items without paying. He claimed that he had left his wallet in the car and was growing claustrophobic inside the store. He also said that he noticed he was being followed by store employees.

Skinner was arrested and officers note that he admitted to acting alone, and that he was unaware that theft over $1,000 was considered a felony.