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Woman assisting mother with newborn arrested for methamphetamine possession

Cassandra J. Aguilar

Casper Police arrested a woman at a home with small children on Friday night for possession of methamphetamine.

According to a Casper Police affidavit, a Casper Police officer was assisting Department of Family Services (DFS) case workers with a home check “for a baby that had tested positive for methamphetamine and amphetamines at birth.”

The officer and DFS investigators met the mother and her three-day-old baby at the house. Another young child belonging to the woman also lived at the residence.

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The children’s mother admitted she “smoked methamphetamine approximately once per month while she was pregnant,” according to the report. She agreed to a urine test, which was “presumptively negative,” said the report.

While at the residence police came in contact with Cassandra Aguilar, who was staying at the house to help the mother care for her newborn and other young child.

Police were granted a search of the residence and its contents. While searching Aguilar’s purse which was next to the baby bag, police found “two jeweler’s bags which had a white residue inside,” according to the report. Aguilar first claimed the powder was cosmetics but soon admitted it was “probably methamphetamine.”

She claimed to have found the methamphetamine in the mother’s home but hid them in her purse to protect the mother.

The officer continued the search and found a broken methamphetamine pipe with residue in a kitchen hutch, and another pipe “stuffed in the couch cushions where Aguilar had been sitting.”

Aguilar claimed to be drug-free, but officers noted she “could not stop moving, her pupils did not react to light, she had Bruxism, she could not stop taking, and (she) appeared very nervous,” said the report, indicating these were symptoms of methamphetamine use.

According to the report, the children were taken into protective custody by DFS and Aguilar was arrested.

She is charged with possession of a controlled substance/methamphetamine. The report states that this arrest is the fifth possession of a controlled substance charge for Aguilar.