Woman arrested on warrant, drug possession

Anggie Young (courtesy of the Casper Police Dept.)

Police say that a Casper woman was arrested on an outstanding warrant and was found to be in possession of suspected methamphetamine.

Law Enforcement records say that 28-year-old Anggie Young was arrested during the pre-afternoon hours of February 2nd, 2019. She faces recommended charges of Interference, Methamphetamine Possession, and Failure to Appear.

Police say that they observed Young walking in the area of East K and North Melrose Streets. The pedestrian was recognized by officers to be Young, and police say that Young was known to have an active warrant for her arrest.

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Officers say that when they approached, Young began walking at a fast pace toward a nearby building. Police exited their patrol vehicle and called out to Young, who is reported to respond that she hadn’t done anything as she continued walking away. Police then advised that Young had an arrest warrant, to which Young was said to have verbally denied.

Police say that Young continued walking until police took physical hold of her. Young was then reported to have resisted officer’s attempts to take her into custody.

An affidavit in the case says that Young was eventually placed into handcuffs and was arrested for Interference, as well as the outstanding warrant.

A search of Young’s belongings, following the arrests, yielded a jeweler’s baggie containing a small amount of suspected methamphetamine.

Young was transported to the Natrona County Detention Center without further reported incident.