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Suspect in Wyoming ATM burglary identified in Arizona

A man, later identified as Jacob Blatchford, runs from the scene after alarms activated as he tried to use a stolen excavator to steal an ATM machine at a Sinclair station in Cheyenne last year. Blatchford, who left his dog behind at the scene, was later placed into custody in Arizona with a bestiality charge. (Courtesy Cheyenne Police Department)

A suspect in an Aug. 4, 2018, attempted ATM burglary in Cheyenne has been identified in Arizona.

According to a Cheyenne Police Department media release, Jacob Blatchford, 37, was captured on security cameras as he used a stolen excavator to break through the glass at a Sinclair Station and rip the ATM from its foundation.

The suspect fled and left his dog behind after security alarms were activated.

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According to the release, Blatchford has been in custody in Pima county, Arizona, since Aug. 13, 2018, when he was arrested after being captured on surveillance video sexually assaulting a petting zoo pony.

Cheyenne Police said on their Facebook page that they identified Blatchford with DNA evidence he had left at the scene.