Footprints lead to two brothers’ arrest on Burglary charges

Andrew J Anderson-Rott and Michael J Anderson (Courtesy of Casper Police Department)

Snowy footprints led to the arrest of two brothers on recommended Burglary charges, according to information released from the Casper Police Department.

27-year-old Michael Anderson and 19-year-old Andrew Anderson-Rott were arrested during the nighttime hours of February 5th, 2019. Anderson faces a recommended charge of Burglary, Anderson-Rott faces a recommended charge of Accessory to Burglary After the Fact.

According to affidavits filed in the case, police received a call from a reporting party who said that they had witnessed two individuals enter vehicles near the area of East 2nd and South Nebraska Streets.

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The reporting party had called into dispatch and advised that the pair had attempted to get into multiple vehicles in the area of East 4th and South Nebraska Streets, the reporting party said that they then followed the suspects from a distance and reported their location to dispatch, until the suspects were lost.

Responding officers say that they observed the suspects, later identified as Anderson and Anderson-Rott, near an opened pickup truck in the area of East 2nd Street and Minnesota.

Upon officer’s approach, the two suspects are said to have run.

Anderson was apprehended a short distance later, near a fence. The suspect was said to have become compliant upon capture.

Anderson- Rott is said to have jumped a fence and run away, with officers in pursuit. Eventually ending up at 2nd and Nebraska, where he ran into another police officer. Anderson-Rott as also said to have become compliant on capture.

Police interviewed several witnesses and potential victims in the area, by following footprints in the fresh snow. Officers report tracking the footprints through the neighborhood, and finding several unlocked vehicles that are suspected to have been entered.

Police report during an interview with Anderson, the suspect told them that he had been drinking, and claimed to have consumed over “twenty beers and two bottles of Jägermeister.”

He said that he and Anderson-Rott went for a walk, beginning at Anderson’s house. The affidavit says that Anderson told officers that sometime during the walk, the two decided to check for unlocked vehicle doors.

Anderson claimed that checking for unlocked doors was his idea, and that he didn’t have a reason for doing so, but told officers that he was looking for a rush while intoxicated.

Anderson admitted to entering several vehicles and taking items, some of which were on his person during the police contact.

Police say that Anderson stated have had stolen a folding knife, chewing gum, a watch, and three coils for a nicotine vaporizer.

Anderson-Rott was also interviewed by police, who said that he had been drinking with Anderson, and that the two of them decided to enter unlocked vehicles.

The suspect advised that they had begun at Anderson’s home and then “circled the neighborhood.”

Anderson-Rott was said to have told police that he had an iPhone on his person that was stolen out of a vehicle.

He further advised that construction bags and a nail gun had been taken from a home that was being remodeled and placed in the trunk of Anderson-Rott’s vehicle.

Police say that they found a nearby home, under remodel, where the front door appeared to be forced open. The vehicle where the items were said to be kept was sealed and taken by police.

Both men were arrested and transported to the Natrona County Detention Center.

All of those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges are subject to change following official filings from the Natrona County District Attorney’s Office.