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Reported escape from CRC leads to search, two arrests

Tomray Little Owl and Nicholas Not Afraid courtesy of the NCSO

Natrona County Sheriff’s Department officials say that two Federal inmates from the Casper Re-entry Center were arrested and taken back into custody, after an alleged escape attempt.

NCSO Sergeant Aaron Shatto says that 22-year-old Nicholas Not Afraid and 24-year-old Tomray Little Owl, were arrested during the night, after it was said that the two men attempted to leave a secure portion of the Casper Re-Entry Center.

Law enforcement officials believe that the two men crawled out of a window at the facility and climbed an exterior fence, at approximately 9:30 pm March 6, 2019.

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Shatto says that Little Owl was injured during the descent from the fence, hindering his progress. The injuries were described as “minor.”

Not Afraid was then said to have left the area on foot.

According to Shatto, law enforcement was able to take Little Owl into custody, shortly after their arrival, estimating that he had only made it several yards from the property.

Sheriff’s conducted an “exhaustive” ground search for Not Afraid, and report finding him approximately 4 miles away, and taking him into custody. Records show that Not Afraid was arrested at approximately 1:30 am, March 7.

Because the the two are Federal inmates, Shatto said that they would be unable to release the nature of Little Owl and Not Afraid’s original charges.

The investigation has been turned over the the Federal Bureau of Investigation.