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Bond remains for suspect accused of pointing gun at juvenile

Skyler Wrey Hennek courtesy of the Casper Police Department

An 18-year-old man who is accused of pointing a gun at a juvenile, and striking her with both the gun and an open hand, failed to have his bond reduced in the case. Further, the suspect has been bound over to District Court.

Skyler Wrey Hennek, made his preliminary appearance on Thursday, in front of Judge H. Steven Brown, in Natrona County Circuit Court.

Hennek was originally booked into the Natrona County Detention Center on charges of Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Burglary, Interfering with a 911 Call, Domestic Battery, and Vandalism or Destruction of Property.

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Henneck will continue to face most of those charges however the charge of interfering with a 911 call was dropped, and will not be bound over. Judge Brown saying that there was no clear indication that anyone was going to call 911, using a phone allegedly damaged in the incident.

The incident is alleged to have happened on the 100 block of North McKinley Street on Feb. 27, 2019. The Juvenile victim reported that Hennek pointed a firearm at them, threatened to kill them, and struck them with the pistol as well as with an open hand.

According to testimony from a Casper CPD detective, during the hearing, the alleged victim claimed to have been at the private residence of an acquaintance, during the early morning hours of Feb. 27. The accuser said that they had a prior, one-time, sexual encounter with Hennek, earlier in the year.

Hennek was reported to have come to the home and confronted the victim, taking the accuser’s phone from them. The suspect is then said to have produced a firearm, placing the muzzle against the accuser’s head. The accuser then reportedly said that Hennek tapped the barrel of the gun against their head, before striking them with the butt of the gun.

Both the accuser and witnesses from the scene say that Henneck ultimately smashed the accuser’s phone, with the butt of the gun, breaking the phone beyond repair.

The accuser was said to have left the private home and was eventually taken to an area hospital for examination.

The detective who testified at Henneck’s preliminary hearing, on March 14, says that the accuser was found to have a concussion and a fractured nose.

The detective further said that the accuser claimed Hennek threatened them, saying he would kill them. It was also reported that Hennek was accusing the alleged victim of giving him a sexually transmitted infection.

The alleged victim has denied having such an infection.

Hennek has denied the charges, saying that he was at home during the time when the incident was alleged to have occurred. The police testimony said that a resident of Hennek’s home initially claimed that Hennek had not been home on the night in question. However, that witness was said to have amended his statement to say that Hennek had been at the home until approximately 10 pm, February 26th, before the witness left.

Assistant District Attorney Trevor Schenk said that four witnesses put Hennek in the McKinley street home, at the time of the incident.

A defense attorney for Hennek requested a lower bond, however that request was denied, and Hennek continues to be held on a $500,000 cash or surety bond.

Hennek was ultimately bound over to Natrona County District Court, where his case will continue.

All of those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges are subject to change following official filings from the Natrona County District Attorney’s Office.