Police charge man for DWUI, child endangering after call from credit union

Danial Bruce Cloyd

A man with a young child in tow was arrested on Monday afternoon after an employee at a credit union called police.

According to a Casper Police affidavit, Danial Bruce Cloyd, 43, was at his credit union with his nine-year-old child when an employee noticed him “slurring words and stumbling.”

According to the report, an employee said Cloyd approached the teller window and had trouble balancing. She became concerned after noticing his young child.

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The report says officers smelled “a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage” from Cloyd and observed “glassy, red bloodshot eyes.”

Cloyd told police that he came to the credit union after picking up his child from school.

Cloyd said he had a Guinness “approximately five hours ago,” according to the report.

Officers performed a field sobriety test on Cloyd. After a chemical breath test, Cloyd had an alcohol concentration of .153% BAC, according to the report.

Cloyd was arrested for DWUI and child endangerment.