CRC escapee arrested, booked on additional drug charge

Cory Lapp (courtesy of the NCSO)

CASPER, Wyo. — A man who was wanted by law enforcement for walking away from an inmate work release program, was arrested by Casper Police officers Wednesday night.

According to police records, 23-year-old Cory L. Lapp was arrested during the nighttime hours of May 15, 2019. Subsequent to his search on an escape warrant, officers claim to have found controlled substance paraphernalia and residue with Lapp’s belongings. 

As a result of the items found in the search, police recommended Lapp for an additional charge of felony Possession of Methamphetamine.

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According to the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office, Cory Lapp left the Casper Re-Entry Center for a scheduled outing during the morning of April 29, 2019, and failed to return at a scheduled time of 2:00 that afternoon.

Lapp was reportedly serving a sentence out of Natrona County District Court for a charge of Possession of a Controlled Substance.

He was also recently featured by the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office as a wanted person.

Casper Police officers say that they received a tip that Lapp was near the 2200 block of South McKinley Street, during the night of May 15.

Officers report arriving in the area and seeing Lapp exiting a nearby apartment and entering the passenger side of a vehicle.

Police say that they approached the vehicle, contacted Lapp, and took him into custody on his outstanding Escape warrant.

An affidavit in the case says that Lapp was carrying a backpack when police observed him. After being taken into custody, Lapp was said to have told the officers that he had a “dirty bag and needle” in his pack.

Officers searched the bag and found a jeweler’s baggie and used syringe, both containing suspected methamphetamine residue.

Lapp was further said to have told officers that the had at least three prior possession charges on his record, making him eligible for a felony on a subsequent charge.

Officers confirm in the affidavit that they observed multiple charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance, dating back as far as 2014, and as recently as February 8, 2019.

Lapp was transported to the Natrona County Detention Center, without further reported incident.

All of those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges are subject to change following official filings from the Natrona County District Attorney’s Office.