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Police warn of fraudulent door-to-door salespersons


CASPER, Wyo. — Police say that there have been recent reports of fraudulent door-to-door sales people in Casper.

During the summer, door-to-door sales activity increases, and Casper Police Department Detective Shannon Daley gave some advice on Friday, June 7 on how to avoid scams.

“The Casper Municipal Code offers protections to community members within City limits,” the police department said.

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They outlined those protections as follows:

– All door-to-door salespersons must have a license issued by the City of Casper (does not apply to charitable organizations, these organizations must have a letter of exemption from the City Manager)

-Salespersons are prohibited from entering upon any residential property that has a prohibition sign (in English, of legible size, designed for and intended to serve notice)

-Salespersons are required to leave and discontinue solicitation on residential property after being advised by the occupant or tenant that he/she is not interested in the product or asks the salesperson to leave.

Casper Police Department

Daley, who will provide courses June 11 and 13, added some other advice to avoid scams:

– If you are speaking with a door-to-door salesperson and are interested in the product or service being offered, ask to see his/her business license issued by the City of Casper. If he/she does not have a license or can’t produce one, don’t provide any financial or personal information or money.

– You can also try contacting the company the salesperson is representing by locating a phone number on the internet (not one the subject gives you directly). Inquire with the company if they have salespeople in the Casper area. If the company can’t verify the information or refuses to, do not further engage with the salesperson.

– Contact the Better Business Bureau to determine if there have been any complaints or to assist in verifying the legitimacy of a company.

– Be cautious about the information you do provide, especially if it pertains to you, your home, or your family specifically. For example, if the salesperson claims to be selling security systems he/she might ask, “Do you live alone?” “Do you have a security system?” Criminals could benefit from this information.

– Don’t invite strangers into your home to allow them to demonstrate what they are selling. If you are interested in a product, ask for information and phone number. Then research the company and product and call if you choose to make a purchase.

– If the service that is said to be provided sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Roofs cannot be replaced for three hundred dollars. Driveways and parking lots cannot be repaved for two hundred dollars. People offering these services often times do a poor job, leaving with your money and leaving your belongings in need of more extensive repair.

– If you aren’t interested, tell the salesperson you aren’t interested and that they need to leave. If the subject refuses to leave, or returns after he/she has been told to leave, contact the Casper Police Department.

Casper Police Department