Man arrested after allegedly threatening ex-wife with knife

Jose Izaldo

A man was arrested by Casper Police on Sunday afternoon after wielding a kitchen knife at the face of his ex-wife.

According to a police report, officers were called to an apartment on East First Street for a welfare check.

Upon arriving they found the victim “visibly scared and trembling.”

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Asked if she was ok, she pointed to the back of the apartment and “could barely speak but said ‘he is back there.'”

The victim was “terrified” her ex-husband, Jose Izaldo, would think she called the police. She said he had warned her not to ever call police “because they would deporter her without her (child).”

The victim, who was too afraid to talk in the apartment, told officers while in a patrol car that “he is going to kill me.”

According to the report, the two had one young child together. The victim indicated she’d been abused by Izaldo in the past, and that he repeatedly made threats to kill her and her child and drop her body in the river.

The victim said Izaldo pushed her “all over the house” and later used a kitchen knife and “stabbed it toward her face, just missing her.”

The victim told police Izaldo “called her a stupid South American (expletive) repeatedly and said that he would kill her.”

The report says Izaldo “knew (she) would not make a report to officers due to her immigration status.”

An adult witness in the house corroborated her testimony, as did their young child, who told officers about threats and violence from Izaldo.

The young child also said Izaldo would hide kitchen knives “inside his pants so that (the victim) didn’t know when he had one, often surprising her with death threats while having a knife in his hands.”

The victim requested “extra patrol” because she was afraid of retribution from Izaldo and his friends.

Izaldo was arrested on a previous warrant and charged with FVPA aggravated assault and felony domestic assault.