Man charged with felony theft after allegedly taking ex’s truck

Christopher Carlen

A Casper man was arrested on Saturday night after driving a stolen truck to play off-track betting.

According to a Casper Police report, Christopher Carlen was seen exiting the truck by a witness who knew the truck’s owner.

The report says Carlen had kept the key to his ex-girlfriend’s truck after taking it without permission at a previous time. She did not call police at the time according to the report, but about two weeks ago she heard the truck start in the night and drive away.

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She then reported the truck as stolen.

The report says on June 8th Carlen picked up a friend and drove the stolen truck to play off-track betting machines. They were inside playing when the police arrived.

When police found a Chevy key on Carlen, he said it was for a Blazer that was in a junk yard.

The key worked when police tested it in the truck, where they also found an open container of rum and four 10mg Clonazepam pills in the glove box.

The license plates on the truck had been changed with stolen plates, according to the report.

Carlen was arrested for a previous active warrant, and charged with theft (felony), wrongful taking or disposing of property, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of an open container by operator of a vehicle.