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Police: Man used ‘Marine hold’ on woman during argument

Alec Clifford Chastaine

A Casper man was arrested on Friday morning after a domestic fight the night before.

Police were called to a home on South Nebraska with an EMS assist, according to a Casper Police report.

The report says that Alec Clifford Chastaine is accused of assaulting a woman while the two were arguing.

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The report says Chastaine became agitated after an earlier welfare call. He sent officers away and then broke his and the woman’s smartphones to prevent her from calling again.

The victim says Chastaine, a Marine veteran, “dragged her out of the chair by her arm” then “placed both of his hands around (her) neck from the front with his thumbs on her throat.”

As he choked her, she kicked holes in the drywall as she tried to defend herself.

The victim said his face “looked like he was trying to kill someone in Somalia.”

The victim said she lost consciousness and woke around 3 a.m. laying “in her own urine.”

As she regained consciousness he entered the room and said “I should have finished you off last night (expletive)” before punching her in the lower back and kidney area.

She then crawled to the kitchen and called police using a phone belonging to someone else.

She was transported to the Wyoming Medical Center and treated for scrapes and bite marks on her face, and diagnosed with a broken vertebrae in her lower back.

Marks in the shape of a hand were noted on her throat, as were scratch marks and bruising around her body.

The victim “appeared to be very afraid of Chastaine” and believed he was capable of killing her and “had attempted to kill her in the past.”

Chastaine told officers he is a Marine veteran “and that his training took over” during the fight.

He admitted to putting the victim in an “arm bar” as well as a “Marine hold” and choked her out.

He claimed to have grabbed the victim in “self-defense after she attacked him” during the argument.

He admitted to using both is forearm and hands to choke the victim, and said “he had choked her out on three previous occasions over a five year period.”

While investigating the house officers noted broken drywall that had been covered with items and that the kitchen had been mopped and swept “in order to conceal evidence of the assault.”

The report says officers found the words “he hits me” written on the walls of the kitchen and an upstairs room.

Interference with a 911 call and aggravated assault are among the charges.