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Man accused of false imprisonment after barging into apartment

CASPER, Wyo. — Casper Police say that they’ve arrested a man who is accused of barging into a person’s apartment and not letting the person leave the room.

According to law enforcement paperwork, 20-year-old Elias Samuel Gurrola was arrested during the afternoon hours of June 27, 2019. He faces recommended charges of Unlawful Entry, False Imprisonment, and Interference.

The Interference charge and Unlawful entry charge were both recommended as felonies.

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Police say that a reporting party claimed that they were home in private apartment, sick and in bed. The accuser says that they heard banging on the apartment door before an unknown male burst into the apartment and into the bedroom of the accuser.

It is said that the man, later identified as Gurrola, claimed that the occupant of the apartment had been film Gurrola during times that Gurrola claimed he was engaged in private and personal stimulation.

The accuser said that they grabbed their phone and Gurrola reportedly advanced on them. The accuser then said that they pushed Gurrola away with their feet, and then the suspect began blocking the doorway. It was reported that the suspect would not let the occupant leave the room.

The accuser eventually managed to get on the apartment’s exterior balcony, and lock the door. From that vantage point it was said that the accuser called for help, and then saw the suspect leave the apartment, allowing the accuser to leave the apartment as well.

Witnesses claimed that they heard yelling from within the apartment and said that they went up to ask if everything was alright. The witness said that a man came out of the apartment, where the occupant of the apartment asked if the witness could help.

The witness said that Gurrola was rambling, describing his words as non-sensical. 

Officers say that they arrived on scene, just after 1:30 pm, and found the victim outside, and the reported suspect around the other side of the apartment building.

A police officer made contact with Gurrola who reportedly did not comply with officer commands to show his hands or to get down on the ground. Police say that Gurrola became combative, attempting to tackle the officer. Eventually Gurrola was taken into custody with the help of a witness, who helped to hold Gurrola down while backup officers arrive.

The suspect was transported to the Wyoming Medical Center for evaluation and clearance. During that time, officers interviewed Gurrola who claimed that the alleged victim had been filming him for over a year, while he physically pleasured himself. He said that the alleged victim would shine a green laser on his genitals during such times.

Gurrola claimed that he had just wanted to talk to the accuser, but that they freaked out.

After being medically cleared, Gurrola was transported to the Natrona County Detention Center without further reported incident.