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Details released in arrests following bar fights

Trevor T. Trujillo, Oil City Staff

CASPER, Wyo. —  Details have been released about a bar fight that resulted in the arrest of an individual on assault charges. The fight was one of two that prompted an emergency response to the corner of Midwest Avenue and Ash Street, in Casper, this weekend. The police response also resulted in two public intoxication arrests.

According to police paperwork a call was received by dispatch on June 29, 2019 for a reported fight outside of the Gaslight Social, just before midnight. Officers say that they made contact with bar employees who said that a male had been fighting with bouncers, throwing things, and punching the front door.

The suspect was identified by bar staff as a man that was walking away from the property.

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The man is reported to have attempted to flee the area when officers activated emergency lights, but was said to have complied when officers issued verbal commands. The man was subsequently arrested on a recommended charge of Public Intoxication.

While responding to the original call, officers say that at about 1:15 am, June 30, another fight broke out near the patio area of the bar.

Police say that they observed two men arguing, and that a third male punched one of the two arguing men, in the face.

The person who was struck reportedly fell to the ground and was described as appearing unconscious.

Officers say that they made their way to the male on the ground who was starting to regain consciousness. Witnesses informed officers that the person who had hit the man was trying to run from staff members of the bar. The suspect was identified by several witnesses.

The suspect was subsequently taken into custody.

Police report that the suspect said that he had punched the man to prevent a fight between the accuser and the suspect’s friend.

The suspect was transported to the Natrona County Detention Center for a recommended charge of Assault and Battery.

Officers say that a third arrest was made while responding to the fight call, after a reportedly intoxicated woman was refused as a passenger in an ambulance, that was transporting an injured person. An affidavit says that the woman was refused as a passenger because she was intoxicated.

The woman then asked officers for a ride to the hospital, as she was acquainted with the man who was being transported. Police say that the woman claimed to be intoxicated, and that they declined to give her a ride.

Officers say that the woman was told to find a sober ride home for the evening, or face possible Public Intoxication charges.

The woman was reportedly found, later in the night, walking southbound away from the bar. Police asked if she had found a ride, and the woman said that she was waiting for an Uber with a group of people.

The group of people denied knowing the woman.

An affidavit says that the female suspect was offered a courtesy ride home by police, but she instead contacted an acquaintance for a ride home.

During the wait, the female suspect reportedly yelled at passing pedestrians, and then began swearing at officers.

As the suspect walked to a waiting ride, it was reported that she yelled at officers using vulgar language and epithets. 

“Based on [the suspect’s] continued belligerent behavior and numerous warnings for public intoxication, [she] was taken into custody at that time and transported to the NCDC,” officers write in their affidavit.

The female suspect was booked on recommended charges of public intoxication.