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Natrona County man accused of chasing people, firing guns

Bryan Dunihoo (courtesy of the Natrona County Sheriffs Office)

CASPER, Wyo. —  A Natrona County man is facing two felony charges of Aggravated Assault and Battery, after the man was accused by two people of brandishing firearms, chasing their vehicle, and shooting guns.

44-year-old Bryan Lee Dunihoo was arrested on June 29th and transported to the Natrona County Detention Center. The incident was alleged to have occurred near the Natrona County community of Arminto, approximately 50 miles East of Shoshoni.

Natrona County Sheriff’s Department investigators say that they were informed of a weapons offense call that was alleged to have occurred on Arminto Road, in the county. A person had called 911 on June 28, 2019 at approximately 9:50 pm, and was described as “hysterical.” The reporting party said that they and another person were in a passenger vehicle and being chased by two other individuals. It was reported that the suspect was shooting a gun out the window of the pursuing vehicle.

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The driver of the other vehicle was identified by the accusers as Dunihoo.

The two accusers in the case said that they had gone to the Arminto area to speak with a family member of the Dunhioo. It was alleged that Dunihoo and one of the accusers had been in a relationship through an online dating site. It was said that after the relationship between the accuser and Dunihoo had been going on for a while, the accuser says they found out that Dunihoo was in another relationship.

Both of the accusers said that they had traveled from out-of-town to visit with a family member of Dunihoo, after agreeing to meet via text message with the person. The accusers say that upon arrival near the junction of Arminto Road and Highway 20/26, they were unable to find Dunihoo’s home, in a rural area of Natrona County.

The accusers then say that headlights came “out of nowhere,” and the accusers were passed by a vehicle that was identified as belonging to Dunihoo. The accusers say that Dunihoo was driving and that there was a passenger in the vehicle as well. It was then said that the Dunihoo car turned in front of the accuser’s car blocking the roadway.

An affidavit in the case says that the accusers claimed that Dunihoo exited the vehicle and began “aggressively gesturing” toward them. The driver of the vehicle said that they attempted to back away in the vehicle, and then said that Dunihoo began shooting into the air.

After that, the passenger said that they saw a red light on the driver’s head, before pulling the driver down below the dashboard. When the driver was pulled down, it was also reported that a red light shown on the the seat where the passenger had been.

The driver told police that they knew Dunihoo to own multiple firearms, including a pistol with a laser sight.

It is reported that the driver then reversed and turned the vehicle around and attempted leave the area, but the accusers said that they were pursued by Dunihoo in his vehicle, they also believed the suspect was firing a gun out the vehicle window.

It was then reported that the Dunihoo vehicle passed the accusers and again blocked the fleeing vehicle from going further. The driver and passenger again backed away and drove the other direction, and further said that they were repeatedly blocked in by Dunihoo on the Arminto Road roadway, an estimated four to five times.

It was reported that finally Dunihoo exited his vehicle and approached the vehicle of the accusers. It was said that the accusers told Dunihoo that they were in cellphone communication with law enforcement. It was then said that Dunihoo re-entered his vehicle and moved, allowing the accuser’s vehicle to pass.

The affidavit goes on to say that the alleged victims then claim that Dunihoo followed their vehicle at a very close distance, and almost caused the accuser’s vehicle to be in an accident.

At the junction of 20/26 and Arminto Road, the accuser’s vehicle proceeded into Casper and the Hall of Justice, per instructions from the emergency dispatcher. Dunihoo was reported to have stopped at the Arminto Road junction.

Dunhioo was interviewed by NCSO investigators at approximately 2:00 am, June 29th, at the NCSO office in Casper.

Dunihoo claimed to have been in a relationship with one of the accusers, but was also married. After approximately 1-and-a-half months, Dunihoo said that the accuser was spreading rumors about him, and that his wife had discovered the affair.

The suspect then claimed to officers that the accuser had threatened his marriage and that he had received threatening messages from a Facebook account that did not belong to either accuser.

Dunihoo went on to claim that he had been eating in a nearby restaurant, with family, when he saw the accuser’s vehicle travelling in the direction of his home. He then claimed to have followed the accuser’s vehicle with his headlights off, “to see what [they] were doing,” the affidavit reports.

Dunihoo further admitted to firing a shotgun into the air after blocking the accuser’s travel. A passenger in the car said that the accuser’s vehicle had passed the Dunihoo property, at which time the suspect was reported to have pulled up to his house to retrieve a shotgun. The passenger also said that Dunihoo was known to carry a handgun with him.

The affidavit says that Dunihoo admitted to firing the shotgun into the air to scare the accusers, saying that he wanted them to know that he “wasn’t playing games.” He further told officers that he was in fear for his life and property during the incident.

Dunihoo also was said to have admitted to chasing the accusers, travelling back and forth on Arminto Road, and that he fired a .380 caliber handgun, out the driver’s side window. The handgun was reported to have a red laser attached to it. Dunihoo said that he fired four to five times.

The suspect told officers that he found the accuser’s behavior, travelling back and forth on the road as suspicious and concerning. He also admitted to passing the accuser’s vehicle and stopping their movement on several occasions.

During the interview with NCSO investigators, it is noted that Dunihoo claimed to be an expert marksman, and said that he felt the best way to deal with the entire situation was to fire his firearms and scare the accusers.

NCOS personnel say that, following the interview, Dunihoo was arrested and booked on two charges of Aggravated Assault and Battery, one for each of the alleged victims.

The suspect was taken to the Natrona County Detention Center without further reported incident.

Dunihoo was officially read his charges in Natrona County Circuit Court on Monday, where a judge handed down a bond amount of $10,000 cash or surety.