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Recent Arrests (1/17/20 – 1/24/20)

CASPER, Wyo. — Here is a weekly recap of recent law enforcement activity.

The recent arrests log represents law enforcement contact with individuals who were arrested, and the charges that are recommended against them.

All of those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges are subject to change following official filings from the Natrona County District Attorney’s Office. Information is provided by the Casper Police Department and the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office.

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The arrest log is not a comprehensive document and may not represent all of the arrests made in a given time period. The arrest log does not contain information for juvenile offenders, suspects recommended for charges of a sexual nature, or information for persons arrested in Natrona County who have bonded or bailed out of the detention center before law enforcement releases the information.

The Recent Arrests log may not be published on weekends, holidays, or other days when law enforcement has not made the information available.

1/17/20 – 1/20/20

  • Alana Archuleta- Hold for Probation and Parole
  • Tiaylssa Armour- Interference, Public Intoxication, Trespassing
  • Chase Baker- Contract Hold/Billing
  • Deanna Brasiel- Distrubance-Breach of Peace
  • Cameron Cardinal-Lawstuen- Criminal Warrant, Controlled Sub Poss- Meth
  • Amber Carson- Controlled Sub Poss- Meth, Controlle Sub Poss
  • Ty Chochrun- Violate FVPA Court ORder, Hold Probation and Parole
  • Kyle Clark- Hold for Probation and Parole
  • Keysha Donner- Criminal Warrant
  • Shandell Gangwish- Controlled Sub Poss- Meth, Controlled Sub Poss, Attempts/Conspire, Drugs/Conspiracy, Possession Meth w/Intent to Deliver
  • Mary Gear- Controlled Sub Poss- Meth, Controlled Sub Poss, Compl Aut Ins, Reg Violation
  • Tyler Gomez- Fail to Appear
  • Brooks Hauck- Controlled Sub Poss- Meth, Wrongful Take/Dispose Property
  • Casey Hudgens- Serve Jail Time
  • Sergio Ibarra- DWUI
  • Shaft Jones- Criminal Warrant
  • Curtis Keck- Serve Jail Time
  • Celeste Kumelos- Controlled Sub Poss, Controlled Sub Del/Sale Meth, No Tail Lights, Drive w/o Interlock Device, Controlled Sub Poss
  • Dakota Landess- Hold Probation and Parole, Controlled Sub Poss
  • Tia Lawrence- Hold for Circuit Court
  • Cory Lewis- Serve Jail Time
  • Jinar Logan- District Court Bench Warrant
  • Kevin Long- Criminal Warrant, Hold for WSP
  • Vanessa Lovato- Possession/Intent to Deliver, Attempts/Conspire, Drugs Conspiracy, Controlled Sub Poss
  • Billy Mackay- Domestic Battery
  • Nickalas Mathill- Disorderly Conduct
  • Purity Meachem- Fail to Appear
  • William Neeland- District Court Bench Warrant
  • Adrian Martinez- Hold for Probation and Parole
  • Jason Moore- Fail to Appear, Fail to Comply
  • Jacob Palmer- Fail to Comply
  • Michael Peterson- Hold for CAC
  • James Sack- Fial to Comply
  • Vaugh Sulzle- Fail to Appear, Hold for Probation and Parole
  • Nicholas Tabler- Hold for Probation and Parole
  • William Topaum- Trespassing
  • Olga Varela Munoz- Criminal Warrant
  • Michael Widick- Hold for CAC

1/21/20 – 1/22/20

  • Connie Buck- Bond Revocation
  • Frank Casias- Criminal Warrant, District Court Bench Warrant
  • Andelee Charging Hawk- Fail to COmply
  • Amanda Cloutier- Serve Jail Time
  • Gage Cordova- Serve Jail Time
  • Brian Edwards- Contract Hold/Billing
  • Jason Gray- Courtesy Hold OT/Agency
  • Jason Knopp- Drive w/o Interlock Device
  • Jesse Kraft- DWUI
  • Ian Lembke- Fail to Comply
  • Tyler McGee- County Warrant/Hold for Agency, District Court Bench Warrant, Criminal Warrant, Interference
  • Ashley Moyte- Fail to Comply
  • Phillip Pellman- Reg Violation, DWUS, Compl Aut Ins
  • Scott Philo- Controlled Sub Poss
  • Junior Redhouse- Hold for Probation and Parole
  • Solana Sisneros- Fail to Appear, County Warrant/Hold for Agency
  • Michael Vega- Fail to Comply

1/22/20 – 1/23/20

  • Keegan Butts- Burglary, MIP-State
  • Ross Chase- DWUI
  • Sierra Chavesz- Criminal Warrant
  • Jesse Clark- DWUI, Stay Right, 2-Lane, Left Turn at Intersection
  • Cody Elrod- Fail to Comply
  • Shadee Gardner- Fail to Appear
  • Calvin Halligan- Bond Revocation
  • Austin Kendell- Serve Jail Time
  • Peter Kleinsasser- Crimnal Warrant
  • Darren Naugle- DWUI, Compl Aut Ins, DWUS
  • Ian Orosco- Burglary, MIP-State
  • Echo Pollock- Serve Jail Time
  • Triston Quiroz- DWUI, Fail to Comply
  • Aaron Restad- Serve Jail Time
  • Jeannie Ross- Criminal Warrant
  • Leslie Simon- Criminal Trespass, Property Destruction- Under $500
  • Allissa Spruell- Serve Jail Time
  • Solomon Tegenu- Serve Jail Time
  • Quentin Ward- DWUI, Domestic Assault
  • Donald Whitmore- Hold for District Court
  • Tiedon Zufelt- Contract Hold/Billing

1/23/20 – 1/24/20

  • Michael Barney- Attempts/Conspire, Drugs/Conspiracy
  • Charles Bowen- Controlled Sub Poss- Meth, Probation Revocation by Police Officer, Controlled Sub Poss
  • Kelton Hawkes- Fail to Appear, NCIC Hit
  • Joseph Janzen- Interference W/PO, Controlled Sub Poss- Meth, Controlled Sub Poss, Probation Revocation by Police Officer
  • Jillian Jaime- Fail to Appear
  • Felicia Midkiff- Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance, Probation Revocation by Police Officer, Controlled Sub Poss
  • Taylor Ross- Hold for Probation and Parole
  • Wesley Test- Hold for Probation and Parole
  • Elaine Thompson- Fail to Appear