Kelly Walsh High School. (File; Oil City News)

CASPER, Wyo. —  The Natrona County School District has released another statement regarding a suspect in a Sexual Abuse case in Natrona County, who had been identified as a School District Employee.

In a press release sent just after 6:00 pm, Tuesday night, the Natrona County School District said that they could release further information about the case, and said that the suspect’s employment with the school district had been terminated.

Jason Waugaman was identified during his initial appearance, in Natrona County Circuit Court, earlier this month. During that hearing, the 36-year-old suspect identified himself as an employee of the Natrona County School District. He faces two counts of Sexual Abuse of a Minor in the Second Degree and one count of Sexual Abuse of a Minor in the Third Degree.

Even though the arrest and identification of the suspect as a School District employee, the Casper Police Department and Natrona County School District faced criticism online, from people who said that not enough details were released. People asked about the identity of the suspect, and the school where he was employed.

A Casper lawyer issued a press release on Friday, Jan. 24 explaining why the Natrona County School District has not released more information in regard to the allegations against Waugaman. The accusations against him include that he had sexual intercourse with a girl who was 14 years old in the summer of 2016.

Wauguman had held positions as a substitute teacher, as well as a part-time teacher for Dean Morgan Junior High, and a Speech and Debate activity sponsor at Kelly Walsh High School.

In the Tuesday statement, the school also outlined provisions that it made following the suspect’s arrest, to prevent him from entering school property.

“We believe that this suspect’s crimes may be connected to the functions of his employment with the Natrona County School District,” Casper PD said at the time of his arrest. The allegations against Waugaman have been outlined in court paperwork.

The full Natrona County School District statement follows.

The Natrona County School District is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment for all students, staff, and school visitors. We absolutely understand the public concern over recent reports of an individual alleged to have sexually abused a student and recognize the impact these serious allegations have on our community. 

On January 16th, 2020 the Natrona County School District was made aware by the Casper Police Department of Mr. Jason Waugaman’s arrest. 

At this time, we are able to lawfully release more information, under the direction of our legal counsel, regarding this incident. Mr. Jason Waugaman’s employment was terminated, thus he is no longer an employee in any capacity of the Natrona County School District. 

Under Wyoming Statute Section 6-2-319 we were, until this time, prevented from disclosing specific identifying information as related to this incident. However, upon notification of his arrest, specific and direct actions were taken by the Natrona County School District, in partnership with the Casper Police Department, to preclude the suspect from having further access to students. 

While Mr. Waugaman was in police custody the District deactivated his electronic key access to school buildings, his access to student information, and his access to district communication channels. Mr. Waugaman was permanently prohibited by the Natrona County School District from being on school grounds.  

Mr. Wauguman previously held positions in the District, as a substitute, a Dean Morgan Junior High part-time teacher, and a Speech and Debate activity sponsor at Kelly Walsh High School.

As aligned to NCSD protocol, a criminal background check for employment with the Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was completed for Mr. Waugaman. In addition to the criminal background check, Mr. Waugaman was subject to a screening on the United States Department of Justice National Sex Offender Public Website and the Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigations website before employment approval. 

At this time, the criminal investigation into this matter is ongoing. The Natrona County School District is working in direct cooperation with the Casper Police Department on this investigation. If you or anyone you know may have information in relation to this investigation, you are highly encouraged to contact the Casper Police Department at 307-235-8472. Natrona County School District Press Release; January 28, 2020